Seneca Boarding School Troubled Teen Boot Camps

Making the difference in troubled teens' lives

Great kids who respect their families, do well in school, are honest and true . . . don't become so by accident. At Seneca Ranch, they become great young men and women through hard work, love, patience, time and attention. The transformation of young people into responsible adults may appear, on the surface, as a natural process, but we have found  it to be mainly a result of good, old fashioned hard work.

Seneca Boarding School troubled teen boot camps in South Carolina (Also known as the Seneca Second Chance Youth Ranch) works with troubled youth in a kind, thoughtful, and non-invasive manner. We provide a safe and secure environment for adolescents seeking to change their lives and an island of hope for the families seeking help for their child. We offer a top-quality, affordable choice for any parent with a troubled teen who struggles at home, at school or in the community. Our program is similar in some ways to boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools, military boarding schools, boarding schools for girls, foster home and other troubled teen programs, but with the right balance between caring, discipline, incentives and disincentives. Seneca Ranch is located in the beautiful upstate region of South Carolina, not far from the city of Anderson. We provide safe, healthy surroundings, worlds away from negative influences.

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Seneca typically works with students who need a change in their existing environment. Many students have a multiplicity of Issues ranging from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder),  Oppositional Defiance Disorder, substance abuse issues, inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex, promiscuity, or more basic problems, such as a lack of honesty and integrity.  Often, these students' needs are addressed in different kinds of environments ranging from Boot Camps, Wilderness Therapy Programs, Military Schools, and/or Specialty Boarding Schools.Below is our Seneca Ranch face book page where we update pictures Please like us